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Meet Wanda

Wanda Halpert, President – Concord Business Plans


Wanda S. Halpert is the President of Concord Business Plans where she has successfully led a team of researchers, analysts and strategists in the preparation of over 500 advanced standard business plans that have raised million in investment for their clients. Clients range from small to large sized companies in many countries and industry sectors. Concord’s business plans may be used to raise funds, in pre-IPO or reverse merger filings, or as a blue print for management.

Under Wanda Halpert’s direction, Concord Business Plans has successfully secured investment from the financial community and are well received by bankers, investors, large and small capital companies, shareholders, auditors, securities counsel, brokers, and investor relations professionals.

Wanda Halpert has completed business plans for industry sectors such as; resources – oil & gas, mining; clean technology – water, wind, hydrogen, solar; technology, entertainment, real estate, manufacturing, shipping, hotels, airlines and more.






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