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Entrepreneurs are Creative

I have been an entrepreneur since my university days when I started my first business. In 1997, I established Concord Business Plans, a strategic planning consulting company that has helped over 450 executive management teams to raise over $1 Billion in funding. Our clients range from startups to public companies listed on various stock exchanges. We have worked for clients globally on interesting projects across the US and Canada, the UK, Germany, China, India and Australia. We have worked in over 80 industry sectors and gained experience in designing financial models in areas such as nanotechnology that are so cutting edge that there are no comparables.

Our clients are intelligent people, from garage entrepreneurs to PhD’s in labs, to industry tycoons. The thing they all have in common is that they have developed something new, something that creates a greener product, provides a better service or answers a need in a new way. They have the ability to stretch the bounds of imagination in creating concepts that offer solutions that help, in some way, to make our lives easier, simpler, healthier or better.

I am constantly inspired by the clients that I have the privilege of meeting, either in person or virtually. They have shown me that the ability to embark on the adventure of being an entrepreneur is something to be embraced. It is a direction with an individual freedom that releases creativity and leverages it into viable, beneficial and profitable ideas.

This blog is about my experiences in working with hundreds of clients on varied business models and the interesting things that happened along the way.

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